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Numa - My 18DoF Quad for Mech Warfare
(May 2011 - )


Numa is a 4 legged robot (quad) with 4 servos per leg (4DoF = 4 degree of freedom). Numa is the name of the second king of ancient Rome, and was a good excuse for the intended purple/black color scheme. Currently the colors are instead a black/yellow scheme. And no, I don't particularly care if a charming overweight guy "dancing" to Dragostea Din Tei comes to mind instead.

Mech Warfare is a 1 on 1 tournament competition between bots. Bots have at most 4 legs, and "fight" with mounted air-soft guns (i.e. 6mm plastic pellet shooters). Hits are registed on target panels, with at most one hit per second being recorded, and each bot having about 20 hit points. Fights are to the death, or 8 minutes. The main competition is at RoboGames in April.

My work is primarily chronicled in my project thread on the Trossen Robotics Forums. I'll leave the bulk of details and observations there. There's a lack of exciting footage of Numa outside the below Mech Warfare vid.  More film, mostly from testing, can be found on my Youtube channel.

Numa cameos at 0:55, 1:30, 7:35

At RoboGames 2012, Numa placed third! Reliability was a major factor.
(L to R): Immortal, Insanity Wolf, Numa

Hardware specs of Numa:

Initial gaits (sequences of servo positions that result in walking, turning, etc.) were generated with Mathematica. Real-time calculations for omnidirectional walking have being implemented. The bot is coded in C, using WebbotLib with the WinAVR compiler.

Pre-RoboGames 2012 pics:
Numa24_t.jpg Numa20_t.jpg

Most of my pictures are uploaded at Trossen, so see the project thread. Some more, older pictures are in my Flickr album.

Old pics:
Numa07_t.jpg Numa09_t.jpg
Numa08_t.jpg CarbonChassis02_t.jpg
CarbonChassis03_t.jpg TriStateMax485BoardV2_t.jpg

Even older pics:
Numa06_t.jpg Numa01_t.jpg
Numa03_t.jpg Numa04_t.jpg